Frequently Asked Questions

Do product colors on the website always match actual product colors? 

A screen picture can look bit different than the actual product. This depends, for example, on your screen type and display settings. But even on the best quality screens a picture looks a little different than a print or the product itself. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact us! 

What do the prices shown represent? 

We always try to provide product information as complete and correct as possible. Our product prices are all tax included, but without shipping costs. 

Are the mentioned dimensions always exact? 

Our products are hand made and therefore unique, so dimensions may vary slightly.

Can I look at and feel the products somewhere?

You can see all product details on this website. But if you like, you can come and look at our products in our offices before you buy. Just call +32 (0)51 25 27 25 to make an appointment and we'll happily meet & greet you. 

What if a product is not available?

The availability of a product is mentioned on the product page concerned. Most of our products are available within the limit of stocks available at Re-Volt. Nevertheless, availability can vary during the same day according to the level of sales. If a product is (temporarily) unavailable, we are committed to informing you as soon as possible. Some products are only available when especially ordered. In this case a longer delivery time needs to be considered. Please feel free to e-mail us anytime if you have a question about availability or delivery times via info@re-volt.be.

Special on order products?

Some products can be purchased on order. Delivery times for these products will be confirmed by e-mail. Please note that stock items purchased together with on order products will only be delivered if all items are ready for shipment. Would you like the stock items to be shipped out sooner? No problem, just let us know and we'll send them already. But be aware that transport costs will be charged for each separate shipment then.

Need help?

Contact us on weekdays from 9 to 12 am and from 1 to 5 pm. by phone on +32 (0)51 25 27 25 or e-mail to info@re-volt.be.