Re-think, Re-visit, Re-volt

Hi there, we are Re-volt.

We are a blend of craftsmen & creatives passionate about light & interior landscaping, drawing on many years of experience. 

In doing so, we favor the kind of slow that lasts & expands time over the fast that fades.

We assume authenticity is the purest form of beauty, and truth the long term currency of our day. In that spirit we create true, authentic objects that last and brighten up (y)our world.  

The officeR

The Officer is a desk or wall mounted lighting fixture.

It comes in two different sizes,

and is available in 6 different outer colors and 2 inner shade colors. 

The height is mechanically adjustable. 

Each product is carefully hand assembled and individually

numbered in our work shop in Belgium.

The Light Machine

A ' little' piece of machinerie inspired by a mix of  film set lights, army jerry cans & mechanical machine details.

Presenting Radieux

Radieux is another new Re-Volt product.

It is a no-nonsense lighting fixture.

Simple, well-made and pure.

Comes in 4 lenghts.

Now available .

The Officer Americana

Limited edition Officer desk lamp

take me there

The Light Machine

our newest 'little' piece of lighting machinery.


White, Red, Yellow Officers

A joyful workplace at Mortier renovatie

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"The details are not the details. They make the design"

Charles Eames

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Officers lined up at 'De Grote Post' in Ostend

custom made color

more info on special colors

the Officer at TH headquarters

Black RAL 9004 and Gold

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The Officer with wall bracket in Coral Red RAL 3016

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the Officer as a reading light

All officers are adjustable in height. Officer with wall bracket in White RAL 9010.

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The Light Machine

At Villa Kaplansky

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Pink & Gold

For that extra vintage look.

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The Officer Tolstoy

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The adjustable clamp can be fixed to any kind of shelf up to 7 cm high.


Gives your workspace a warm, homy feel. 


All Officers are supplied with a 5 watt LED bulb, warm white 2700K color temperature.

The long armed Officer

Coral Red RAL 3016 & Gold.

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What we do

Re-think the way we create and sell objects. 

Re-visit their everlasting & timeless essence.

Re-volt homes, hearts, lives. 

"I treasure cycles more than lines. Poetry more than prose. Authenticity more than pose."

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